Meet the DJ’s

We have the right DJ for your event!

What does it take to be a Music in Motion DJ?
– Charismatic Personality
– Pay Attention to Detail
– Vast Knowledge of Music
– An Outgoing Personality
– Must be Self Motivated
– Desire to be Successful
– Professional & Punctual

All of our DJs work exclusively for Music in Motion, and many are full time entertainers.

The strength and reputation of our company is based our talent, and we invite you to get to know
the DJs of Music in Motion.

We look forward to entertaining you!

What to expect from your DJ
– Your DJ will have a clean and well-groomed appearance.

– Your DJ will dress in formal attire for weddings, corporate functions and proms.

– Your DJ will arrive to the event 2-3 hours prior to the start time to begin set up.

– Your DJ will have equipment that is well maintained, clean and esthetically pleasing.

– Your DJ will be available to you for consultation before, during and after the event.

– You will meet in person with us before your event to go over all of the details.

– You will receive a written contract clearly stating all charges and services.

– Your DJ will cooperate with other vendors incorporated with the event.

– Your DJ will not use profanity on or off the microphone.

– Your DJ will only play music that has edited lyrics and content.

– Your DJ will not drink alcohol during your event and are not allowed to smoke.

– Your DJ will maintain a professional and friendly attitude throughout the performance.

– You will notice professionalism, fun and creativity in everything we do.

Thank You for Choosing Music in Motion Mobile Entertainment!