School Dances

Proms, Homecomings, Formals & Graduation Parties!

Prom DJ in Knoxville, TN
School Dances & Proms
To successfully entertain school dances the DJ must be fun, interactive and dynamic.

Our DJs understand what types of music and interaction is appropriate performing at school functions. It is essential to balance the music selections and requests with what the kids want to hear and what their parents and faculty would allow them to listen to. This ensures that everyone in attendance has a great time!

Our song selections are the same “edited versions” that you hear on the radio stations. Although all of our music has edited lyrics, that doesn’t mean that the content is appropriate. Therefore, our DJs will refrain from playing any of those songs as well. We also know that you have full control over what is and isn’t played. Our DJs are happy to work with you to find a happy medium for both the kids and adults. Be sure to ask about music video and projection.

What to expect from Music in Motion
– A fun, interactive performance from your DJ.
– Professional Club Style Lighting & Sound System.
– Creative Games, Props, Contests & Giveaways.
– Detailed Event Paperwork & Song Requests.