Create a beautiful setting for your event with this lighting decor option!

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Lighting Decor Services
We specialize in lighting decor that creates a unique atmosphere and sets the mood for your event. Let us design a lighting package that will give your guests that “Wow!” experience. We can accomplish this by creating and using subtle, warm hues or bright, vivid colors.

If you’re looking to create a whimsical or elegant setting for your wedding or event,
we’ll accommodate your needs by providing various types of lighting decor to suit your style.

– Uplighting: Projecting light from the base of walls or objects up towards the ceiling.
– Color Wash: Lighting is placed throughout the venue that “washes” the room with color.
– Accent Lighting: Specific walls, areas or objects are lit to make them a focal point.
– Monograms: Logos, letters or designs are projected onto the wall, floor or ceiling.

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